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building ffmpeg on Windows (4 of n)

This is an update to the previous post - I made the patches work with an x64-build and the tweaked some more files so that FFmpeg now builds fine with these configure-script:

./configure --enable-inline-asm --enable-gpl --enable-nonfree --disable-doc --toolchain=cygicl --host-cc=gcc --arch=x86_32


./configure --enable-inline-asm --enable-gpl --enable-nonfree --disable-doc --toolchain=cygicl --host-cc=gcc --arch=x86_64

And of course it passes all FATE-tests.

What you need are these patches

 patches.diff (135.82 kb)

Then fire up a Cygwin-command-prompt with either the x86-ICL or the x64-ICL on the path. In order to use the x64-ICL, just change the batch-file (from the previous post) to

call C:\Progra~2\Intel\Compos~1\bin\ipsxe-comp-vars.bat intel64 vs2012

In order to check which icl you are using, just type 'icl' - if you get this, then it is the x64-version:

The x86-compiler instead gives:


Let's start with a fresh check-out of ffmpeg, then you would have to enter something like:

git clone git:// ffmpeg

cd ffmpeg

patch -p1 < ../patches.diff

./configure --enable-inline-asm --enable-gpl --enable-nonfree --disable-doc --toolchain=cygicl --host-cc=gcc --arch=x86_64

The above line with "configure" will build the x64-version, for the x86-build you need to enter --arch=x86_32.

Don't forget to have the two scripts and in place (e.g. at /usr/local/bin). Just in case, here they are again (I'd think they should be unchanged from the previous post): (1.30 kb) (1.54 kb)

I tested with ffmpeg as of version 6c4516d0413ea9b2a9b48fb83d0ba0ef7bc84f92.

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