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building FFmpeg on Windows (10 of n)

...just a note to myself:

How to "rebase" the cygicl-branch on github:

If not yet done, set the upstream-server:

git remote add upstream

Make sure that we are in the master - branch

git checkout master

Pull the upstream changes:

git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

Rebase the cygicl-branch (apply all "patches" in the cygicl to the updated master):

git rebase master cygicl

And finally push the updates to github:

git push -f

I don't know why, but the last command only works with the force-option (-f). Maybe I am doing something wrong...

So far this procedure works quite smoothly, and I will try to sync as often as possible (so that cygicl is as up-to-date as possible).


And finally, some ideas for the next steps:

  1. It would be cool to automate the "rebase"-process. As long as there is no merge-error, it should not be too hard to automate it and run it maybe once a day.
  2. Add more libraries.
  3. Create a VisualStudio-project which works with the C99-to-C89-converter (so that FFmpeg can be built with the Microsoft-compiler inside VisualStudio - but without the inline-assembly that would be).
  4. Merge the FFmpeg-extensions (small finger exercises that is) from here.
  5. Try to push the changes in the cygicl-branch upstream (into the official FFmpeg-codebase), at least some of them.
  6. Make the OpenCL-code work.
  7. A build for the ARM-platform (with the Microsoft compiler) would be cool - so that the code runs on Windows RT.
  8. have a look at mlpdsp.c - make inline-assembly work with ICL
  9. Re-factor and tidy up the MakeVSProject4FFmpeg
  10. Find a place where to put the scripts (maybe in a source-control site or so, I do not want to repost things for each update...)

BTW - here is a little (cosmetic) update of the build-scripts (from the previous post): (2.85 kb)