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Today I had great fun with my Intel© SSD. I switched the PC on, and -in a nutshell- soon bad things happened. As it turned out, the SSD-drive (Intel SSD 320 Series, 160GB) was broken. It was listed as an 8MB-drive with the serial-number "BAD_CTX 00000166". A quick search on the Internet revealed that I am not the only one with this kind of trouble... However - most other bricked devices seem to report "BAD_CTX 00000136" or so (the famous firmware bug related to problems with power loss). I tried all sorts of things (changing the cable, the HDD-port and so on) to no avail.


After I had given up any hope on recovering the data (no, I do not have a complete and recent backup, just in case you wonder...) I was ready to give "Secure erase" a chance (as it was recommended in many posts on the internet). Well, it took quite some time and fiddling around, but finally I was able to execute the Secure erase function in the Intel Toolbox. And surprise, surprise - it put the device to life again. We will see how long this life will last... Or should I have better RMAed the drive?

My trust in SSDs obviously has dropped significantly, that's for sure.

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