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On with Like and +1

I had to fiddle with the Like-/PlusOne-buttons once more. My previous attempt had a bug (the +1-button did not work properly), so I decided to give AddThis.Net a shot. It worked flawlessly (after some tweaks), is properly integrated into and seems well done overall. The tweaking was just to add a using statement in all cs-files (using BlogEngine.Core.Web.Extensions;) - seems to be an incompatibility with version 2.5 of Besides this - no problems.
What I did not like about AddThis.Net was that it added the buttons below the text (or above) like this:


Whereas I prefer it in the place where it is now. So, for the time being, I am sticking with my approach. Of course, I fixed the problem and rolled up with AddThis. We will see how this works out...


EDIT: This is getting funny... it seems that AddThis.Net today got updated → So, maybe this story continues...

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