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Moving to Windows8 continued...

Some news on my move to Windows8: First of all, now that my Microsoft Surface has arrived, I spent most time with this device. But I don't want to talk about Microsoft Surface here, but on some problems with Windows8 on a good old desktop PC.

I installed Outlook 2010, it sync'ed perfectly well with - the only problem was that S/MIME-support is more or less broken (see e. g. here). I haven't found any usable workaround so far for this curious issue. So, I was happy when Outlook 2013 came out.

All seemed fine, and the new Outlook has built-in support for (and is now using EAS-protocol, no need for the Hotmail-Connector any more). Setting things up is easy (see e. g. here), however - it didn't work for me. Outlook 2013 did not sync and download the emails - for whatever reasons...