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Moving into the cloud - mission completed?

Now, a couple of days later, my mission to move my emails, calendars, contacts etc. from my old Exchange-server into WindowsLive is completed. Or... well, almost.

First of all, uploading my email archive has kept me busy for quite some time. My workflow was: use MailStore Home7 in order to move the emails from old Exchange-server into EML-files, then import them into LiveMail and sync with WindowsLive. The trouble was that LiveMail is (frankly) quite unstable, especially when it comes to huge amounts of emails (with LiveMail I am refering to the desktop email client, not the WindowsLive service!). In one email folder I had something like 130,000 messages. LiveMail would import them ok, but when moving the messages into the WindowsLive account (or at some other occasions...) it used to crash. Several times the email store was completely messed up, in which case I had to download all emails from WindowsLive again.

 Just some impressions of how this looked like:



Nevertheless - Windows LiveMail was the vehicle which in the end succeeded uploading all my emails. And - WindowsLive itself remained all the time rock-solid, not a single hick-up or something, even when downloading the mail-archive from several clients at the same time.

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