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How to hard-reset the Packard Bell Liberty Tab G100 tablet

A while back I bought myself an Android tablet (Liberty Tab G100 from Packard Bell). Nothing fancy, just in order to surf the web on the couch and get some hands-on experience with Android. The device was not rooted, no custom ROM on it or so. Well, I am still really impressed by the value one gets for the money, but this post is not about the pros and cons of Android. Suffice to say (from my superficial end-user experience) that the software-platform has its rough edges and glitches.

Now, seemingly for no apparent reason, the device could not be turned on any more. It just showed the (animated) Android-logo for as long as the power-supply would last and that was it. Just this logo and nothing else. So, I read through the forums at, learned at lot about the various bootloaders, custom roms, adb and what not. However - nothing worked for me. Booting into "recovery mode" by pressing Volume-Down and Power-On didn't help (now I got an Android-robot with an exclamation mark), and ADB I did not get to work. To cut a long story short, what finally made my day is a hint a found here. I am not sure what happened, but the device is workin again. So, here is how to "hard-reset" the device (all data is lost by this operation!):

  1. Power the device off
  2. switch the screen-lock button so that the red is not visible
  3. hold the Volume-Up button and press the power-button
  4. now, when the device starts to vibrate, release power-button and switch the screen-lock several times

Now, you should see some lines of text appear on the screen (just for a second or so in my case), and then the device restarts. If at first you don't succeed with this procedure, try again Foot in mouth. It took me several attempts, I am not sure how many times you have to toogle the screen-lock switch (or when exactly).

I am still curious what was causing the trouble in the first place. The only idea I have so far: the internal memory was completely full (I copied some movies erroneously into the internal memory instead of the SD-card). Should this have caused Android to completely mess up? Well, looking back to the times when computers had a keyboard attached to it, when they had a BIOS or something like this and you could boot them from a floppy disk...